Judgment confers custody of a child to the father

Furthermore, in view of the interruption of the cohabitation of the parties, there is a need for judicial intervention for the temporary settlement of the custody of the aforementioned minor child, Panayiotis. In relation to this issue, the Court, taking into account primarily the interests of the minor, and not only the psychological and emotional, but also the general configuration of his personality, his sensitive early age, his particular need for affection, care and treatment, and the fact that throughout this time he has developed a special emotional bond with his half-brother John, who follows in the game, despite the great difference of age, who also and that their separation would be problematic, even the fact that the father-in-law has raised his firstborn son after the unexpected death of his aforementioned wife some 15 years ago and that he has consumed almost all his free time in care and education (John) over the years, with his family, of course, all of this is evidence that they can support the view that Panayiotis can stay with his father.

In particular, it is probable that he has all the qualifications required to carry out this functional duty, so that he is admitted to and essentially founded on his request. Besides, the defendant overcame her son and maintains a strong psychological bond with him, but a number of incidents in the past, as the above-mentioned witness testified, namely, the forms of punishment of the little one by ‘closing’ him in the car, are evidence that the defendant is not yet sufficiently mature and fit to undertake the task of educating a child of that age, where required great patience, strength and durability for the proper mental and physical development of his personality. Furthermore, the fact that the defendant is thinking of leaving Athens and settling permanently in her parents’ home for a job will lead to a complete alienation from the family, physical and social environment that little Panayiotis is accustomed to living and to develop its microcosm. Besides, what the child is most in need of this lifetime is to feel safe and stable and this is possible in the environment that is already living, in which not only he is accustomed, but is provided with care and all sorts of help from his father.