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Corporate Law

The company is an organism. In the life of this organism, several events and situations will occur, that we deal with directly and efficiently.

The support, which our office provides to our corporate clients consist of an integrated support during their corporate life. We assist on establishing your company, providing counseling for choosing the right partnership, that meets the client’s needs and priorities combined with the necessary tax planning. We, also undertake the establishment of branches abroad as well as the establishment of branches of foreign companies in Greece.

We pay attention to the drafting of the essential corporate documents (articles of association, memorandum) designing the appropriate combinations for powers and responsibilities of managers and Board of Directors for the optimal corporate governance. In designing this, we give essential importance to issues concerning the rights and obligations of shareholders and partners, offering ongoing support for the lifetime of the company.

We provide integrated support in the design and implementation of negotiations until the completion of the transfer of shares of non-listed companies. In this context we provide our advisory service as well as our assistance in pooling, mergers and acquisitions of companies and partnerships.

With skilled partners in negotiating issues, we provide support in negotiation process as well as on, designing and drafting a vast variety of commercial contracts.

With personalized agreements relating to your needs, we provide support in legal matters of everyday life as well as in more specialized corporate management issues. In demanding business environment surrounding us, the experience so far shows that legal advice can be converted from a service to a valuable operating and successful management tool of your business.

Our consultancy services are estrictly related with your company’s financial path and in collaboration with your accountant department or your economists we can provide the reading and evaluation of the basic corporate financial documentation. Our experience on many case of corporate embezzlement provides us the opportunity to evaluate the balance sheets and the financial statements and offer you related solutions to protect your company from unlike events.