Choosing a law firm to represent you and to trust your case is very important decision. The right law firm for your representation can make the difference. Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates is a company of experienced and specialized lawyers who are able to dedicate resources and time to manage your case by considering and analyzing all the data to suggest the best solutions.

At Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates we handle claims at all levels of litigation. Our areas of practice relate in particular to Criminal and Company Law, to Property law as well as Family law. Also, we are intensively engaged in commercial negotiations at all levels (pre-negotiation, negotiation and contract drafting) in Greece and abroad.

We will determine which lawyer can better represent you, depending on the nature of your case.

Dimitrios Petrouskas since 2006 and Aikaterini Kappou since 2009, have joined forces in their law offices. In 2015 they ended up in the foundation of their company, and since then they have provided reliable high quality legal services.

We always ensure that we provide our customers with the ultimate professional attention, focusing on the most efficient handling of cases with proper design and speed. Our goal is to create happy customers. «The best customer is the happy customer».


Call us on the phone numbers: +0030 22730 22951 and +0030 22730 81951, fax: 22730 22941 of sent us a message in our e-mail address: info@pk-cplegal.com

You can leave your contact information in the secretary’s office and there will be an immediate response. Within 24 hours, one of our company’s scientific member of staff will contact you to schedule a meeting. The meeting will take place at a convenient time for you, with one of our company’s lawyers. During the meeting the lawyer will receive information and will be fully familiarize with your case. An analytical approach will be taken to create the strategic plan for the successful handling of your case.

Our establishment in the field of law is the result of the continuing specialization and experience of the lawyers of our company. Our growing customer preference is due to our ability to support difficult and complex assumptions.

With our consistency and professionalism, we inspire your confidence to establish a important partnership. We are at your disposal to express any questions. Our goal is to establish a healthy relationship with our customers, based on honesty and trust. Your cooperation in providing information is valuable. We are here to ask us any question you have or to express any concern to us. We want you to be honest with us so that we can better prepare you for every possible case.

The flow and the way of updating are tailored to the needs and desires of each of our clients. You are immediately informed of any major change in your case, even by e-mail.

Our concern is to achieve the most efficient solution, tailored to your case, but also the most profitable solution for you. We always take care of your representation on the day of the court and we decide jointly on the feasibility of your presence. So, for your presence, we take into account a whole set of factors. An example is the cost of transport, all the evidence and the necessity of your physical presence. In the case of your personal court deposit, our experienced lawyers will prepare you properly. Preparation is to provide advice to make your testimony a promotional factor in your case.

You will need to inform our scientific staff and deliver the relevant documents of your case. This is to create a complete file and have a comprehensive picture of the legal issue. During the meeting, we will let you know about the documents and information of your case.

Call us at +3030 22730 22951 or +3030 22730 81951 or email us at info@pk-cplegal.com to start our cooperation.