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Mediation Process

With the Law 3828/2010, the institution of mediation is now a reality in Greek law. In the process of Mediation, which is covered by the confidentiality principle, the parties have the possibility to resolve a dispute through the guide of an experienced neutral third party (the mediator) in order to achieve both the desired effect by saving time and money compared to the performance of a dispute before the courts. The mediator, which in Greece is required to be a lawyer, certified by the Ministry of Justice, is a third person, of common choice, whose mission is to assist the parties to express their views, to define the concerning issues to the involved attorneys in order to reach an agreement. That is because the mediator can not issue any decision. The mediator remains throughout the process of Mediation objective and impartial, while the items, which may be obtained during the mediation process and also will be discussed, must be kept confidential and disclosed and only those items will be published which have been recorded during the process of mediation and with the agreement of the parties.

In countries that the process of Mediation is already under implementation, it has been proven statistically that Mediation ensures the settlement of disputes faster and cheaper, in comparison with the existing judicial practice. The solution, that the leading parts reach, has de facto greater chance of success, since the same parts have contributed in achieving the solution and has not be imposed by third-proxy (such as instead happens with court orders from third- judge). Important are the subsequent consequences on the relationship between the involved parties, which are proved to be more stable so as to minimize the risk of recurrence of problems in future. In particular cases between companies when they succeeded to solve the problem through mediation, they continued to cooperate in the future.

Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates Law firm provides, appealing to those who wish, to meet the challenges of the modern era, to seek to resolve their differences in the above manner, the full legal and advisory support for proper preparation before the initiation of mediation, such as and representation during this.

Additionally, our company cooperates with a certified intermediary, while at our premises there are two fully equipped and independent conference rooms to achieve parallel mediation procedures.