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Property Law

This section refers to all matters which may arise in connection with the protection of all kinds of property and rights relating to the ownership use or deed’s register on them.
Οur clients can have access to complete counseling and litigation legal services in matters relating to:

  • Information about the property’s situation on the local deed office
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale-donation-distribution-real estate contracting as well as the representation during the signing of those contracts before a notary
  • Representation in any competent authority (indicatively: Deeds office, Forest Service, State Land Service, Tax office) to address specific legal issues and drafting, whenever it is required, all the necessary documents and supporting documents
  • Lawsuits and injunctions regarding the rights of ownership and possession
  • Mortgage prenotation Registration – mortgages registration
  • Legal applications on the competent court and representation for the appointment of the temporary and the final unit prices
  • Applications for the recognition that a person is entitled to compensation because of the expropriation of his property
  • Procedures for the State Land Service