Family Law

Petrouskas – Kappou & Associates Law Firm, through each legal services, can address family legal problems such as:

  • Divorce (contested, by mutual consent)
  • Increment of the property of spouses during the marriage (acquisitions)
  • Alimony obligations juvenile-adult, lawsuits for the custody of children, alimony, communication
  • Partnership Pact
  • Naming Issues
  • Naming Issues, corrections of Registrations
  • Recognition of paternity and challenge of recognition of the fatherhood
  • Adoption

Labor Law

In the context of continuous changes in the field of labor law, Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm can undertake:

  • Creation of individual contracts for employees-workers
  • Denunciation of individual employment contracts
  • Opinions on employers’ and workers’ issues
  • Crisis management and bargaining
  • Representation in administrative authorities and departments of the Ministry of Employment
  • Full legal representation in individual and collective lawsuits
  • Complaints in the Labor Inspectorate
  • Provide support in cases of accidents at work
  • Claims of Accruals, redundancy payments and allowances

Strategic Planning

For each case that we undertake in Petrouskas-Kappou and Associates, our primary goal is to develop a strategy with our client according to the desired outcome of the case, which includes:

  • Understanding the factors of the legal case
  • Knowledge of legal procedures
  • Knowledge of  market trends
  • Specify the customer’s goals
  • Selection of the appropriate strategy

European Courts

Our company assumes your support and representation before the European Courts and European Institutions.

In particular, we provide full legal support:

  • Representation of individuals, businesses and organizations
  • Submitting an appication to the European Court of Human Rights
  • Representation before the European Court of Human Rights
  • Representation before the Court of Justice of the European Union
  • Submission of a complaint to the European Commission
  • Submission of a complaint to the European Parliament

Securities Law

Sector of Commercial Law which relate to transactions and relations in general, arising from the movement of titles such as checks and bills of exchange.

In this section our office deals with:

  • Receipts – Debt Recovery
  • Applications for payment orders
  • Execution of payment orders
  • Oppositions against payment orders and enforcement proceedings

Traffic Accidents

In Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm we responsible undertake the complete external and judicial management of your affairs after the accident for the decent compensation of the victims.

Indicatively, we can claim:

  • The repair value of the car or motorcycle
  • The total value of the vehicle if it is totally destroyed
  • The reduction in commercial value
  • The value of personal items that may have been damaged by the conflict
  • The value of goods damaged in the case of commercial vehicles
  • Compensation for non-material damage

Criminal Law

In our company, we develop a strategy for each case we undertake with a view to optimal and complete preparation before each court.

We have experience in criminal proceedings in courts all over the country and in all grades, mainly in cases involving:

  • Financial crimes, Tax evasion
  • Exploitation of Business Structures
  • Corporate infidelity (Embezzlement), Perfidy, Public Sector Corruption ( Public sector Embezzlement)
  • Assassinations, Violation against the human life
  • Property offenses , Fraud, Extortion
  • Environmental issues
  • Personal Injury
  • Threats Assaults
  • Violations of Antiquities Act
  • Violations of Drugs Act
  • Public Sector Offences (bribery, fraud,  extortion,  trading in influence, perverting the course of justice)
  • Organised Crimes Law
Property Law

We provide full legal advisory and legal services to issues related to:

  • Information about the prperty’s situation on the local deed office
  • Negotiation and drafting of contracts of sale-donation-distribution-real estate contracting as well as the representation during the signing of those contracts before a notary
  • Representation before any competent authority (Forest Service, Public Real Estate Service, Tax Office) to deal with special legal issues, with the drafting, where all the necessary documents and supporting documents are required
  • Lawsuits and injunctions regarding the rights of ownership and possession
  • Mortgage prenotations, mortgages registration
  • Legal applications on the competent court and representation for the appointment of the temporary and the final unit prices
  • Applications for the recognition that a person is entitled to compensation because of the expropriation of his property
  • Procedures for the Land State Service

Commercial Negotiations

In Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm we undertake your company’s trade negotiations with the aim of gaining greater benefit from the trade agreement to be concluded.

Indicatively, our services include:

  • Carrying out the trade negotiation
  • Preparing our customer for the negotiation
  • Achieving a commonly agreed settlement

Inheritance Law

In Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm, we provide services in order to settle issues arising during the hereditary succession process.

Indicatively, we mention the following issues:

  • Counseling for the drafting of wills
  • Acceptance – renunciation of legacies
  • Requests for the issue of certificates
  • Lawsuits about the clergy
  • Inquisition insults
  • Rights of legal heirs
  • Donate cause of death

Rental Lease Relationships

Our company provides lease settlement services that arise between landlords – tenants, but also but also in the case of joint-lease.

Indicatively, our office addresses:

  • Contracts – Lease Agreement preparation
  • Issues of formal notification terminating the tenancy
  • Lawsuits evictions and orders for return of a leasehold
  • Lawsuits and payment orders of rents
  • Lawsuits for the adjustment of the rent

Tax Law

In Greece but also in the broader context that our country is placed, the tax law is constantly evolving. Furthermore, the tax is an economic phenomenon which simultaneously is also an institution of law.

In this context we ensure:

  • Tax advice and tax planning with appropriate corresponding shapes in all areas of business
  • Advice on Vat issues, customs legislation and customs fees
  • Tips on Income Tax
  • Representation before tax authorities or courts, regular or arbitration, Greek or international
  • Judicial handling of in connection with Code of Books and Records
  • Advice on property tax
  • Representation of clients in tax audits and controls

Corporate Law

In our company we provide complete support to our corporate clients during their corporate life.

Indicatively, our services include:

  • Procedures for setting up your company
  • Counseling to provide an appropriate corporate form
  • Designing an appropriate tax policy
  • Procedures for the establishment of branches abroad
  • Designing Powers and Responsibilities of the Board of Directors
  • Support to trade negotiations

Mediation Process

During the mediation process, the parties have the opportunity to resolve a dispute without going to Court. At Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates we provide support services to our principals throughout the mediation process:

  • Full legal and advisory support
  • Appropriate preparation of the principal before commencement of the process
  • Representation in the mediation process
  • Collaboration with a certified mediator

Case Management

The successful management of a case goes through the following stages: a. programming, b. organization c. staffing d. direction e. controlling f. coordination.

In Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm we choose the most efficient strategy among various alternatives to develop an appropriate management plan through the analysis and study of the data.

Prioritize the organization and division of work, that is, the appropriate assignment, to the right workers, and to form in this working environment that will deliver the most in their performance.

Our company is staffed by appropriate scientific associates to motivate employees and to have a healthy communication with the aim of optimal coordination.

Contract Law

Our company provides legal advice during the negotiation, preparation and execution or interpretation of any private contract, such as:

  • Financing agreements
  • Contracts between shareholders and companies agreements.
  • Supply contracts
  • Hotel management contracts
  • Property transfer contracts
  • Construction contracts
  • Machinery Leasing Contracts

In addition, our office provides representation in litigation matters including contract law:

  • Properties
  • Donations
  • Tort lawsuits
  • Issues of social rights

Banking Law

In the context of corporate and private activities created the need to search for cooperation with financial institutions.

  • We undertake responsibly your negotiations and your representation in relations with credit institutions of the country and abroad about products offered by those institutions
  • Consulting Services
  • We participate in the drafting of funding contracts and provision of insurance contracts as well as
  • Your representation in both the negotiation and
  • Representation during the training contract