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Strategic Planning

For each case that we undertake in Petrouskas-Kappou and Associates, our primary goal is to develop a strategy with our client according to the desired outcome of the case.

In order to achieve the goals set together with the client, strategic innovation initially involves a full understanding of the factors that influence the outcome of the case. This requires full knowledge of legal procedures as well as knowledge of market trends.

At a second level, these goals need to be specified and explored if they are workable.

Having understood the factors that influence positively or negatively the course of the case and having set goals, the third step is to identify and select the appropriate strategy that will lead to the desired results. At this point, it is necessary to see the opinion of the specialized lawyers of our company, who with their highly scientific and documented opinion choose the best decision for each individual case, according to the expected result.

Our company has been working for many years in the negotiation field, always seeking the most advantageous agreement and distinguished for the collected and objective study of the factors, even the most complex cases.