The firm

Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates established in 2015. It is the combination of law firms of Dimitrios Petrouskas and Aikaterini Kappou, which operate from 2006 and 2009. It is a modern law firm with experienced and trained scientists. In our company, we offer complete legal support tailored both in Greek and international level. We also provide legal representation, in Greek and foreign companies, to investment association, as well as individuals, covering specialized areas of law at advisory and judicial level. At the same time, we maintain partnerships with trusted law firms abroad and domestically to provide cross-border legal services.

The success of our firm is determined by the satisfaction of our customers. This is because we collect and systematically analyze the data in order to make the best decision. Our philosophy is to locate alternatives, to distinguish the various objectives and then to decide the final strategy. With this advisement, we successfully achieve the strategic management of your cases.

The provision of high-quality legal services is ensured by the continuous training of our lawyers, as well as our associate partners. Also, our briefing on topical legal issues will help us to adapt better to every circumstance. Equipped with knowledge, spirit, and professional ethics, we aim at more efficient handling of your cases.

Our company has the possibility of direct physical presence and activity throughout Greece and abroad. In particular, we offer the judicial preparation and representation of our clients with dedication and efficiency. At the same time, our company has a prominent presence in international forums and has to present judgments with significant jurisprudence.