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Criminal Law

The choice of the legislature to criminalize a large part of human activities inevitably leads many of people’s activities under the criminal courts’ jurisdiction.

In our Law Firm,  we achieve the excellence with a scientifically sound manner the criminal proceedings’ monitoring and the representation in any authority (pre-investigative, investigative, councils, etc.), as well as to the criminal courts of all degrees and of the supreme court. Our services include, as a rule of our office, the written presentation of the views of the accused, the written submission of eventual objections and claims before the competent courts and authorities. Through the strategy planning for every single case, we evaluate all the proofs of any kind that are being provided to us, in cooperation with specialists in each field (grafologist , 3D Animation, coroner, economists, ballistics professionals) so as to achieve the best preparation earlier to the process.

Also, we provide consultancy for regulatory compliance especially for our corporate clients on issues that could potentially create them various issues with the criminal law.

The cooperating lawyers are experienced under different criminal procedures in various criminal courts in cases involving:

  • Financial crimes, Tax evasion
  • Exploitation of Business Structures
  • Corporate infidelity (Embezzlement), Perfidy, Public Sector Corruption (Public sector Embezzlement)
  • Assassinations, Violation against the human life
  • Property offenses , Fraud, Extortion
  • Environmental issues
  • Personal Injury
  • Threats Assaults
  • Violations of Antiquities Act
  • Violations of Drugs Act
  • Public Sector Offences (bribery, fraud,  extortion,  trading in influence, perverting the course of justice)
  • Organised Crimes Law