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Commercial Negotiations

In Petrouskas – Kappou and Associates law firm we undertake your company’s trade negotiations with the aim of gaining greater benefit from the trade agreement to be concluded.

In particular, negotiation is a multi – level and essentially social process that brings together the different interests and expectations of the businesses, companies or organizations and, through the process of exchanging positions and concessions, seeks to reach a mutually acceptable agreement.

Experienced lawyers of our company will undertake the commercial negotiation in an environment of intense competition, escalating tension and intransigence, in order to achieve the best possible commercial agreement for our client.

Commercial negotiation as a process has some distinct stages in order for the parties to be able to organize the way they will negotiate. More specifically:

The first stage concerns the preparation of the negotiation, in which we will define and prioritize the needs and objectives of our client, from the commercial negotiation. Next, alternatives are searched for, as well as the calculation and weighing of the losses the company, firm or organization will incur if the agreement is not reached.

The second stage concerns the main process of negotiation, in which the parties propose and propose solutions, make concessions, develop strategies and psychological situations. At the final stage of the trade negotiation, the objective of reaching an agreement is reached, which draws up the technical terms of the trade agreement.

In our company we apply best practices for both domestic and international trading based on case studies of successful practices from various export industries.